Towards more reproducible science?

When reading scientific literature, one of my pet peeves is definitely the methods section. "Plasmid X was described here" - but it wasn't. "Protein purification was detailed in earlier work" - but you have to go through 10 sequentially cited papers to find the original source. If you're lucky, you may find what you're looking... Continue Reading →

So, what do you actually DO?

Do you know that moment? When you are meeting your new boyfriends' parents, or are at this neighbourhood party. They all know you're a scientist, but now they would like to know what you actually DO. You may start to sweat a little, because how do you explain all the intricacies of - enter your... Continue Reading →

Recent publications

The first fruits from our lab are now available online: a review we wrote about the ADP-ribosylhydrolases MACROD1, MACROD2 and TARG1. This was a nice collaborative effort with Dr. Chris Cooper at the University of Huddersfield. We wrote this review, as we felt that a number of studies addressing these proteins rely on antibodies which... Continue Reading →

TARG1 shuttles between nucleoplasm and nucleoli

Find out more about our Departments' most recent study of the macrodomain-containing hydrolase TARG1, to which we contributed: Nucleolar-nucleoplasmic shuttling of TARG1 and its control by DNA damage-induced poly-ADP-ribosylation and by nucleolar transcription. (open access :))

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